The Setting


The world is known by many names as it is inhabited by many cultures: Elandris by the elves, Half- Elves and halflings, Astaldi by the wise Eladrin, Kraqorash by the Dragonborn, Roshar or Elan by Men, Tieflings and the hardy Dwarves. These are but a few of the names given to the home of the many races.

Elandris is a world in the shape of a rotting apple; it is made up of the upper and lower plateaus connected by a stem of rock. The upper plateau makes up the known world but the lower has many legends and myths surrounding it. It is said that once the two were connected by a great network of tunnels but what happened to these is unknown.

The Upper Plateau


The Upper Plateau is a thick disc of rock and hardship with just one ocean to the west and two major lakes in the east. The dry earth takes up the majority of the world’s one continent. A large unforgiving desert takes up the south and east of the circumference of Elandris, curving around like a crescent scar on the face of the world.

The sky is taken up by a giant sun that orbits in a vertical arc that raises in the south and sets in the east. Two moons constantly circle the Upper Plateau in a fashion that is constantly visible. They are always opposite each other and both are scorched red by the sun due to its proximity during Eclipses.


Elandris has seen many empires rise and fall. Scars of old wars litter the world, monuments to old dynasties and pyramids to old religions are scattered across the continent.

Languages, People & Culture

The majority of the major cities on Elandris are human and these are mostly scattered around the coast or by the two great lakes. Tieflings and Half-Elves live among them generally as outsiders but they find more acceptance among humans than with other kinds. Elandris has many subterranean levels where all manner of creatures dwell. There are legends of great underground cities that have thrived from the oceans below the surface.

The dwarfs live among the colossal mountains that embody the north. Goblins and dragons also inhabit the mountains and are in constant battle with the dwarven kind. The north provides the best iron found on Elandris and also provides more gold than any other region and is why the dwarfs choose to live among such dangerous foes. The gold is also what attracts the many dragons locking them into constant battle.

Clans of Dragonborn can be found wandering the crescent desert testing there skills against the great beasts that can be found there. Other clans choose to take up there calling as mercenary armies and fight for the highest bidder in the many wars fought between the petty kingdoms and Lordships of men.

Countries & Kingdoms

The Lower Plateau

The Setting

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